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Our Story

Born in Thailand Nitaya Hamilton had, for 9 years, owned and operated her own Thai Restaurant in Bangkok and gained a wealth of experience in the catering business with the preparation and cooking of all
types of Thai Food. Nitaya emigrated to England and became a British Citizen in 2003 when Ruen Thai Catering was established. Ruen Thai has been providing delicious Thai Food to its customers in the West
Sussex area for more than 10 years. She has provided Thai Food for many locally well known events to include:-

• Lions Donkey Derby, Shoreham, West Sussex.
• The Loughton Cuckoo Fair, East Sussex
• Bognor Regis Carnival, West Sussex
• Funday Sunday, Horsham Park, West Sussex
• Knaphill Village Show, Woking, Surrey
• Ashtead Rotary Village Day. Surrey
• Lions Promenade Market, Worthing Seafront, West Sussex
• The Ashington Festival, West Sussex
• Bognor Regis Kite Festival, West Sussex
• The Loughton Autumn Show, East Sussex
• Lions Firework Display, Worthing Seafront, West Sussex
• Horsham Rugby Club Bonfire & Firework Display, West Sussex


Our Cuisine

Thai Culture

Thai food is considered to be one of the most popular foods from Asian countries with give careful consideration given to the procedure of using unique raw materials in their menus. Every Thai recipe has its own unique distinguishing flavour and is one of the most amazing tastes compared to other Asian national dishes. Ruen Thai especially has a lot of distinguishing features with Thai herbs and spices that we used to prepare our curry pastes. These are used to makes our delicious Thai Green Curry and spicy red Penang Curry. We would like to invite everyone to please try our delicious Thai Cuisine.

Thai Herbs & Spices

Ruen Thai use many herbs and spices in the recipe especially Lime Leaves which have a beautiful fragrant citrus smell and fresh lemony flavour. As well as lime we also use Lemon Leaves which have an intoxicating aromatic flavour which gives our curries is an outstanding taste. Another one of our favourites is Cinnamon which we use for red meat dishes which is an essential element of red and green curries. Cumin is another popular additive with its unique aroma and distinctive flavour and is an essential part of a red, green and yellow curries. Dried Chilies are known for their heat and spice and it’s used in curries and noodles to give it some extra kick. As far as herbs are concerned we use Thai Holy Basil which has a distinct aroma and flavour and sprinkled on top of curries to give them that little bit of aromatic kick. Young Green Peppercorns are very popular with a lightly aromatic flavour and have quite a bit of heat and are used in many stir fry dishes. Not forgetting the Coriander Plant which is used in our Thai cooking which gives many soups their amazing flavours.